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The CREATE BALANCE campaign developed as a part of WINGS project aims to facilitate the social-economic integration of third-country national women in vulnerable situations. WINGS provides them with language courses, psychological support, tailored employment counselling and labour integration opportunities.

Business sector plays a crucial role in supporting vulnerable groups, promoting the participation of women and enhancing gender balance, therefore we need your help to create a more balanced society.

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How can I contribute

to social change?

By offering a job/internship placement at your business you can contribute to social change



Why shall I join?

Providing a job/internship placement contributes to the economic and social development of society and allows individuals to fulfil their basic needs.

What are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace for business?

Your business has a much higher chance of growing with a more diverse group.

  • Stronger team morale
  • More positive workplace atmosphere
  • More productive and engaged employees
  • Higher employee retention and loyalty
  • A larger, more diverse recruitment talent pool
  • Stronger resilience and ability to adapt to change
Does joining the campaign cost money?

Effective business inclusion policies are an investment, not a cost. Therefore, the participation in the programme is for free. Of course, your company has to follow national employment laws and fulfill its obligations.

How do I join the CREATE BALANCE campaign?

By providing a job/internship placement to women who are participating in WINGS programme.

What about my personal data?

Your personal data will be treated as defined in our Privacy Policy http://cesie.org/en/privacy/ in accordance with the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GPDR).

What if I want to know more?

Contact us, we will invite you to the info-day to connect interested businesses and explain more about benefits you can get by joining the campaign! Write to us, and we will give you a call.

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