About socialhut.eu

Social Hut is an information and knowledge hub collecting experiences and practices linked to empowerment and promotion of human rights; for those who are looking for job opportunities and inspirations, who want to increase their skills, and for those who can open new windows.

Socialhut: a knowledge and information hub

Socialhut is a knowledge and information hub collecting experiences, practices and concrete tools linked to prevention of violence in all its forms with a special focus on gender-based violence, to protection and support provision to victims and survivors of violence. We aim to build networks with and among communities, survivors, professionals who are working with them, and those who can provide them with better opportunities.

 The hub is for:


Survivors of violence

or those at risk as they are at the center of our attention.



that host survivors or those at risk.



who are working with vulnerable groups and who need to strengthen their capacities



who have opportunities to offer and who are willing to contribute to social change


Other organisations

willing to collaborate on the matter and work together to prevent violence, protect and support survivors.